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May 14th, Lions U15 vs GIIS U15

20230514 Lions vs GIIS

This match was a very special match for the Lion`s Coach, AJ, as he is also the coach of GIIS! Again both teams got on well with one another, but this game was defiantly, in the words of our club manager, Anthony, "a cliffhanger and our most challenging match yet!"

The Lions won the toss and elected to bat, and though all players batted valiantly they did not quite reach 20 overs, being dismissed on the second to last ball for a score of 113. Notable batting performances were from Timmy (33 off 23 balls, caught by S. Dharanevasan), Taiga (21 off 28 balls, run out by Nitin) and Sam (9 off 17 balls, holding his end very well and helping stabilise the middle order, until run out by Nitin) in an innings in which the Lions struggled to score, but battled well as a team.

When GIIS came into bat, the Lions knew they had to field well and contain the runs to have a chance of winning; Luckily their experience as a team showed itself quickly and they got 3 wickets in the first over (Nitin C. out LBW, Ishan K. runout by Juto and Manish M. out bowled). With the opponents main batsmen dismissed and the pressure off, the Lions decided to let every member of the team have a bowl, to help player development for later in the season. Of the 11 players that bowled, wickets were taken by Timmy, Kanato, Sam, Nived, Pietro and Taiga. One catch each was made by Kanato, Nived, Timmy, Leo and Taiga, and a run out each by Juto, Pietro and Timmy  - a great performance by the team! GIIS were dismissed after 13 overs for a total of 72.

Stats: Highest scoring batsman : Timmy (33), best batting strike rate : Timmy (143), most wickets : Timmy (2-9), best bowling economy : Leo, Nived, Sam, Pietro (all 0.0).

Player of the Match: Taiga

Team: George Loran, Kaede Sommer, Kanato Suehiro, Josh Berry, Juto Ball, Leo Wisessintu, Nived Nambiar, Pietro Boccalatte, Sam Robinson, Taiga Hague (Captain, Wicket Keeper overs 1-10), Timothy Moore (Vice-Captain, Wicket Keeper overs 11-20).